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Trade Fair Visit is not a regular Business Trip. You still need a Flight Ticket and if lucky you chose from two or more air carriers. Transport is bookable the same way, no matter if it is a Train or Car hire or a Transfer. Travel insurance is nowadays just a click away, but here comes the difference – the Hotel accommodation. You check a few online accommodation web sites, but the same hotel you booked last time is either much more expensive or not available. EXPOROOMS constantly monitors the hotel rates and availability during the busiest Exhibitions and Fairs. We do not promise to cut the regular hotel rates twice, what we deliver to our clients are the best available hotel offers that the fair host city hides.

We sell european trade fair and expo hotel rooms to businesses around the world. Save your time and money and book with us. Just tell us what you need sit back and relax.

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StrasseEschersheimer Landstrasse 42 « Karte
Ort Frankfurt am Main Karte anzeigen
RegionFrankfurt am Main
BrancheBusiness in Frankfurt am Main
LandkreisKreisfreie Stadt Frankfurt am Main  
Telefon+49 (69) 96759088  

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Die EXPOROOMS Öffnungszeiten Frankfurt am Main können zu Feiertagen wie Pfingsten / Pfingstmontag, Fronleichnam, Tag der Deutschen Einheit, Reformationstag und Allerheiligen abweichen. Wir empfehlen, sich auf der Webseite vorher zu informieren, ob es sich um ein lokales Business Frankfurt am Main Geschäft handelt. Bei Änderungswünschen zu Erfahrungen und Fair Test Erfahrungsbericht Bewertung von EXPOROOMS Eschersheimer Landstrasse 42 Frankfurt am Main senden Sie uns eine E-Mail.

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