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Janice Baird Gesangslehrerin und dramatischer Sopran aus Berlin

Janice Baird Gesangslehrerin Janice Baird Gesangslehrerin Öffnungszeiten Musik

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Janice Baird Gesangslehrerin und dramatischerJanice Baird Gesangslehrerin und dramatischer Sopran aus Berlin Öffnungszeit
Musik - Gesangsunterricht
Passion & Technique
With more than 30 years of experience teaching voice and singing leading roles in the top opera houses of the world, I am in an extraordinary position to help the next generation of singers master their vocal and artistic goals.
From personal experience, I fully understand the importance of finding proper instruction that builds a healthy vocal technique in a safe and supportive working environment. My own teachers included my mentor of fifteen years Astrid Varnay, as well as Birgit Nilsson, Prof. Rudolf Bautz, Prof. Irmgard Hartmann-Dressler, and my father Robert G. Baird: I am enthusiastic about passing along their legacy of teaching, knowledge, and generosity.
From a vocal perspective, I help my students improve and master their voices, via establishing correct breathing and support, coupled with classic Italian bel canto methods, including phrasing, legato, formation and placement of correct vowels. From a dramatic perspective, I help my students improve vocal projection, posture, stage presence, diction and language clarity, as well as dramatic interpretation. I use my experience and profound knowledge of the fundamental anatomical and physical principles of the vocal apparatus in order to alleviate physical blocks and allow your own unique sound to reveal itself.
In addition to vocal and coaching sessions focused on classical repertoire, I am well equipped to provide healthy instruction in other musical styles, notably musical, rock, blues, and jazz. Although I maintain a strong commitment to classical music, singing a wider repertoire can certainly enhance any singer’s artistry and marketability!
I enjoy working with students of all skill and experience levels: I have a particular background in helping mature singers through career or vocal crises. Moreover, as a singer with enormous professional experience, I help each student build not only his/her voice, but also his/her career. Specifically, I can assist you in finding an appropriate (and marketable) fach, suitable repertoire, and in making difficult career decisions.

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Adresse Adresse Opera Janice

Janice Baird Gesangslehrerin und dramatischer Sopran aus Berlin
OrtBerlin, Germany  
BrancheMusik in Berlin
LandkreisKreisfreie Stadt Berlin  

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Janice Baird Öffnungszeit Opera Janice

Öffnungszeiten: 9;00 - 21:00 - Die Janice Baird Gesangslehrerin und dramatischer Sopran aus Berlin Öffnungszeiten Berlin können zu Feiertagen wie Pfingsten / Pfingstmontag, Fronleichnam, Tag der Deutschen Einheit, Reformationstag und Allerheiligen abweichen. Wir empfehlen, sich auf der Webseite bairdvocalstudio.com/ vorher zu informieren, ob es sich um ein lokales Musik Berlin Geschäft handelt. Bei Änderungswünschen zu Erfahrungen und Baird Test Erfahrungsbericht Bewertung von Janice Baird Gesangslehrerin und dramatischer Sopran aus Berlin Berlin senden Sie uns eine E-Mail.

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