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Founded in 2009, BlueMall is the leading technology accessory seller on Amazon. Our mission is to create an efficient and convenient lifestyle with top notch products that make people’s smart life easier.

Every product at BlueMall is designed to meet the most critical requirements to ensure the utmost user experience and product quality. Adding our reliable and trustworthy customer service to the mix, buyers are guaranteed to be left with a smile on their faces.

We have operations in US, China and Taiwan. Our Amazon markets span across the globe, including US, Canada, England, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. Our international sales team are skilled with the local language, so don’t hesitate to ask us questions in your mother tongue.

Our vision is to cater peoples demands in modern times by creating a world where technology seamlessly integrate with our daily life. To achieve that, we have professional R&D team that dedicate themselves to customers’ feedback, and engineer products in accordance with their requests.

BlueMall offers four unique brands of electronic accessories and home/Kitchen products. They are iKross, Evecase, EZOWare, and EZOPower.

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